Posting Anonymous Works

Anonymous works are just like your other works, but DarkPoetry removes any references to you from them, though you can easily defeat this anonymity if you are not careful!

Why Anonymous?

Sometimes people want to post something that's just too personal, like a confession or a personal story of some kind, and don't want anyone to know where it came from.

Others may want to post their poetry or other works in this manner to take their persona out of the equation.  Comments on anonymous works are truly unbiased.

What's Different

  • You can't comment on your anonymous works.  You can only observe others comments.  BUG:  You currently have to log out to view comments on your own anonymous work. 
  • Anonymous works can't be entered in contests
  • You can't directly edit the work from the work display page, but you can still edit it from your own profile page when you're logged in
  • Your "fans" are not notified when you post a work anonymously

Is It Really Anonymous?

Things rarely are.  Your work will still be directly linked to your account, and it is trivial for a site administrator to discover the identity of the author.  Other site members should not be able to relate the work to you however.

Who Can Post Anonymously?

Any member Postcard or higher can post anonymous works.
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