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  • "Knowing who and what we are, and never to live the lie though to see through others, is all measurements of balance my brother..13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "The Light in the Sky" by Damien
  • "There is more truth in this write, than will ever be accepted....Or understood fully... I appreciate you sharing this with us Damien, for your write here, is uttered from chambers doors...."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "The White Lion" by Damien
  • "The Elders in darkness, Gods judgement on man and his evil heart ! For this darkness has only appeared once at the death of Christ, for 3 hours, an hour for easy day Christ laid in his tomb. Yeah, it shall appear one final time for the judgement of all, for this white lions name is judgement ! HIC SUMUS my friend....."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "The White Lion" by Damien
  • "Totally understand your words here Damien... Your curve at the end, struck me out ..great write... Your title on this one, hits very close to home...."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Tallahassee" by Damien
  • "My brother, you are not alone..for when we come, all voices gone !! And as a butcher, I know the feel of the blades cut !! Deep write, I'll take a large shot bourbon in my coffee as well ! Toast to you my brother !! Well done on your write !!! "
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Name Your Poison" by Damien
  • "Were all fucking insane.. A fair warning to all those deceitful mother fuckers who play a lamb... We got you bitch !! Awesome Damien... Just awesome !!!!"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Those who act like Sheep" by Damien
  • "Damien,, I have ask these same questions many years ago, and shared the same loss, and hear ache's. Yeah even the loss of my only son... He was only. 28... And my heart has broke every single day since his death, for the living are left to suffer... And no parent should ever have to bury their children. Yeah, death has taken everything my heart has ever really cared for.. Even animals that I have loved as truly I understand your words here, and know of your sorrow... But if I may. I will share what I was showed...first let me say that I am not one who believes in any of the so named religions that man has made, and never shall, yeah, I am about the darkest soul that God has ever breathed his life into, and from this darkness I will share the truth, and not a lie from man..for even in this darkness, we know there is but one God, and one saviour, Christ, Jesus.. And that the demons tremble at his name.. It was not Gods plan for anyone to die, but one, his son. We , man, brought all of this on himself when he sined against God in the garden of eden, yeah death has come, a judgement against the sin of man, for the wage if sin is dobi agree with this, fuck no ! This is why God sent his son, Christ, to die as a sacrifice for every sin that ever was or shall ever be by man. And look what man did to him, man at his most evil best ! Yet God watched in horror as his son suffered a horrible death on the cross. Damien, it is not my intention to preach here, but to just give you the truth from the pits of hell ! For there is not one demon here that I do not hold his hand... But at least here there is the truth ! Something you won't receive from ( most) men. And we assure you there is a place called hell ! As also a heaven, for those who just believe that Christ is the son of God and came to die for the sin of all that he might stand beside God again. A place I shall never know, but I have gave you truth, yeah God knows of every child that has suffered at the hands of mans evil sickness, and forced his sick shit on, especially children, for they truly innocent ! And knows of every soul that suffers a horrible death as cancer, as his suffered his own sons death , for not one sparrow falls to his unknowing, we brought all this on ourselves, now let me finish by saying, what ever we die with we bring with us, be it heaven or hell, our choice, yeah our fucking choice ! For we are born but to die, we cannot escape this so live for every breath, and choose your path.. If you have a chance Damien, read my write titled, Sin in heaven, and my your God bless and keep you, truth you have received from this darkness.... Damien, make your own choice, walk your own path as I, either way we will end at the same place, yeah, the feet of Christ...even we demons, yeah even their lord Lucifer.....again Damien, wonderful , and heart felt , in truth write !!!!!!!!!"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "A Letter to God" by Damien
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