Comments by SolApathy

  • "Hvernig getur svona skeĆ°? -It seems only you saw this... Loose translation--- How can something like this keep me alive? "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Distant Storms" by SolApathy
  • "It's worse than personal depression, watching someone else slowly unravel, knowing there is nothing to can do to stop the downward spiral--Knowing exactly where they are headed. THank you for the comment. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Burdens of the Broken" by SolApathy
  • "Thank you, I enjoyed writing about the thoughts of two that missed they were the perfect match, if only they would have taken the time to give it one last try.. I think there are so many of these realities out there. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Caustic Revelations " by SolApathy
  • "Usually those requests are in the chat channel. I also take random chats in that channel and turn them into quick poems (my last 2 posted poems are quick poems derived from chat). "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Tendrils of the Storm" by SolApathy
  • "I am known here for people giving me a theme (Technological terror in this case) or just a few words and writing a poem within 10 minutes of the request. This is one such poem. It is why people here call me the robot alchemist. Thank you for reading, I always enjoy seeing what people think and feel about the words I weave. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Tendrils of the Storm" by SolApathy
  • "Thank you for the comment....I am not an addict myself, but I lost one of my best friends to it. She was stable for many years on Suboxone. After Obamacare they forced her to change doctors, dropped her to 50% of her prescription and sle lost control and got back on the H. It killed her."
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Chaotica " by SolApathy
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