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Resting is my pride
In sisters all surrounded
A fire lit inside
From fear we sit unbounded.

Taste of nature’s wine
In misty ash we flavour
Friendly hearts do shine
A February flower.

One sister from the sea
With brick has a new fortress
Finds within sat three
Enjoy each other thoughtless.

Her sibling found well chose
Lends teachings and alliance
She bears are red red rose
With feminine allowance.

They chose me by election
Their guardian and angel
To blur them in affection
In garden and in cradle.

As dusk enclaved our setting
We gritted with a flare
In talks of secret letting
Our hearts we set to tear.

We questioned our omissions
And pierced our greatest fear
revealing is this mission
The deaf for once could hear.

The truth was given power
Baptised were our lies
Our sweetness turned to sour
Our names were but sore sighs.

A brush of tainting cherry
On canvas white from tears
Our faces spoke out very
Of all the truth and fears.

At last these names were carved
In the marchegiano woods
And we, but three, were saved
From all our woulds and coulds.

Goodnight so now to sorrow,
For new a seed is planted
In what was once so hollow
A new engagement granted

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Poetry (Love)2020-03-14you the great
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