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"father breath once more farewell
birth you gave was no thing ill
my heart is still, as time will tell"

-Allen Ginsberg

"We don't write what we know, we write what we wonder about"

-Richard Peck

My name is Stephen. I'm on this site to post my poems that are... dark, twisted, or perverted. I like the beat poets and I love haiku. Probably more than anyone else on this site. But most of the haiku online suck, but there is an occasional ku that will take my breath away... and that makes it worth wading through the shitty ones.

Some of my favorite poets are

Allen Ginsberg
Collin Barber
Ezra Pound
Jack Kerouac
Nick Virgilio
Matsuo Basho
William Burroughs
Kala Remesh
Cor Van Den Heuvel
Gary Snyder
William Carlos Williams

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