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I'm a plagued well, where the roaches and the snakes dwell.
Feasting on remains so what remains is just an aged smell.
Death metal activist and hip hop advocate.
Gojira kicks ass and their shit's not average!

My plan is to flee, so I can stretch out my mind and say I can breathe.
Me and the Milky Way is only a rhyme away.

A Dispelled Truth's Works

Poetry (Horror)2017-08-05One for the Children
Poetry 2017-08-04City's Peace
Poetry 2017-08-03A Drought Road
Poetry 2017-07-30My Rhythm
Poetry 2017-07-26Abalone Stars
Poetry 2017-07-25Garden Snakes
Poetry (Fiction)2012-04-27Crats
Poetry (Structured)2012-04-26The Tether of Life
Poetry 2012-04-26The Whispering Willows
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