Matt's To-Do List

Matt's personal list. May not make any sense at all. No worries, it's not your list.


  • Add more meta-security features to login, including RBL and open proxy checks
  •  Add a HTML box for members to put their book or off-site poetry link into
  • Re-create "how to promote my works" work.  (in progress?)
  • Display ledger on ducats page, or at least recent transactions
  • Mass-set preferences on works
  • See why mail notifications aren't being sent.
  • Set "Possibly Offensive" to 'yes' when certain classifications are chosen


  • Add control panel for cabal leaders to add/rm users and update logo/description. Also allow assigning leadership of cabals to current leaders, and assign leadership at random when a leader quits without choosing a new leader.
  • Allow recurring subscriptions for ducat upgraders
  • Improve browsing experience for IE users, they're far more turned off than FF users in the stats
  • Add option to feature specific works or to not allow them to be featured, frontpage or otherwise (setting members-only has same effect)
  • Plagiarism detector with active version for Gold.
  • Add moderation box to all works to have royalty be able to override "offensive" ratings, possibly other things later.
  • Allow drag/drop ordering of works on profile for select members
  • Automate ducat refund of remaining time on membership level upgrades.
  • Allow users to submit templates (css) for use by others, and others to use them with a single click.  (easier than that listed in "Hard")
  • Allow edit of image or sound based works in-browser without having to delete and re-create works to use a new image/sound


  • Fix forum connector so that members don't have to log on a second time.
  • Create tools for selecting, previewing, and editing various "skins" for profiles
  • Add "save draft" to the editor  dont realy need this with the no-show option do we? Maybe.-
  • Move AuxCol into its own includable template file so it parses assigned vals
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