Help People Find Your Poems, Use the Tags Feature

You've been used to (roughly) categorizing your poems by type or genre, but now you can also invent your own types with the Tags feature.  Tags will make it easier for readers to find your poems by subject, and no computer can compete with your ability to classify your own works.

To add tags to your works (and have them show up in the new tag cloud) you simply log in, edit the works in the sketchpad and add a number of tags in the new tag field which appears just below the sketchpad box.

If you wrote a horror poem... say about cutting people with razor blades and then supergluing them back together again, your tags might look like this:

cutting, razor blades, horror, fiction, I am one sick puppy

So you can see that tags need not be single words, they can be short phrases too.

Bad Tags

Since the tag cloud only shows the most common tags in big print, and won't show rare tags at all, it benefits you to try to use phrases that are likely to be used by other people.  The "I am one sick puppy" phrase above is unlikely to stay in the tag cloud very long as more common phrases take precidence.

Additionally, any specific tag can only be 32 characters long, so a longer phrase will be simply chopped off at character#32.

So for your own benefit, try to use fairly general terms for tags so your works remain in the cloud.

Happy tagging!

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