How To Get Your Work Noticed

You wrote something, revised it a dozen times, and stood back for another look.┬ Yea,┬ not bad. ┬ No spelling mistakes, no grammatical blunders, and a really charming meter.┬ You think to yourself, "someone else should really read this.┬ But how do I┬ get the word out?"

Ok, you probably guessed that I'd give you the easy answer first:┬ Upgrade your membership to Gold, and watch the number of views increase as your work appears on the front page of DarkPoetry.

Yea, I know that's not an option for everybody.┬ So here are a few other ideas:

Bring Your Friends

Obvious isn't it?┬ Invite your friends to join DarkPoetry. ┬ Naturally the first thing they do when they join will be to go read your profile and poems to see what's in your head.

Linking From Elsewhere

Making a link is pretty easy.┬ If you post your new poem on Facebook using the new tools for that purpose, it's almost effortless, just click and post.┬ It should post your profile image, or if it's a graphic art work, a thumbnail of the work.┬ If you want to make an old fashioned HTML┬ link, just copy the URL┬ of your work into your browser, and replace┬ URL in the following with that URL:

<a href="URL">Read OMGAwesomePoem Here</a>

That's the ultra-simple version.┬ You can also link to your profile using the same technique... use your member picture too:

<a href="">
<img alt="" src=""/><br />
Visit My DarkPoetry Profile </a>

Post Post Post

Some random ideas:

Put a copy of your work on the forum with a link back to your work page.

Find similar works and post comments on them.┬ This doesn't make everybody feel obliged to visit your page and respond in kind with a "review"┬ of your work, but it does encourage many to do so.

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