How To Get Your Work Noticed

You wrote something, revised it a dozen times, and stood back for another look. Yea, not bad.  No spelling mistakes, no grammatical blunders, and a really charming meter. You think to yourself, "someone else should really read this. But how do I get the word out?"

Ok, you probably guessed that I'd give you the easy answer first:Â Upgrade your membership to Gold, and watch the number of views increase as your work appears on the front page of DarkPoetry.

Yea, I know that's not an option for everybody. So here are a few other ideas:

Bring Your Friends

Obvious isn't it? Invite your friends to join DarkPoetry.  Naturally the first thing they do when they join will be to go read your profile and poems to see what's in your head.

Linking From Elsewhere

Making a link is pretty easy. If you post your new poem on Facebook using the new tools for that purpose, it's almost effortless, just click and post. It should post your profile image, or if it's a graphic art work, a thumbnail of the work. If you want to make an old fashioned HTML link, just copy the URL of your work into your browser, and replace URL in the following with that URL:

<a href="URL">Read OMGAwesomePoem Here</a>

That's the ultra-simple version. You can also link to your profile using the same technique... use your member picture too:

<a href="">
<img alt="" src=""/><br />
Visit My DarkPoetry Profile </a>

Post Post Post

Some random ideas:

Put a copy of your work on the forum with a link back to your work page.

Find similar works and post comments on them. This doesn't make everybody feel obliged to visit your page and respond in kind with a "review" of your work, but it does encourage many to do so.

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