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DarkPoetry meetings happen every few years, and in a different place each time.  Usually there's some fallout afterward, such as the posting of embarrassing pictures, poems composed based on the experience, and aching credit card bills.

DarkPoetry meetings are not official or anything, you should feel free to have one of your own!  The usual place for organizing them is on the Forum.

Hershey Park 2006

This meeting included SilentStalker, Vaultgirl, LadyAhz, AlacerCogitatus, pessum ire animus, Adaml and many other victims and took part in Hershey Park PA.  You can scrape up some dirt on this meeting via these works:

Chicago 2006

Another crew brought meyhem to Chicago this same year.  Attending were DarkPoet, Velvet_Raventon, Sharon Rose, Thorn, Markus "Paco" Porkwing, Six-Out, Bast and others off and on.  We soaked our feet in the fountain, saw lions, tigers, and bears, along with monkeys trading sex, and even got to observe a little old school Chicago crime busting.  And you can find out what bizarre happenings took place if you hunt around DarkPoetry hard enough.  Nah, I'll make it easy for you:

Galveston 2009

This time we headed way down South to Galveston Island with DarkPoet, Velvet_Raventon, Sharon Rose, and SilentStalker in DarkPoet's van.  Six-Out joined us when we got there.  We drove from Ames, IA to Galveston TX in a single day and promptly collapsed.  SilentStalker is anything but when he sleeps, but that night we were too tired to notice.  We saw dolphins and all the usual beach stuff, houses on stilts, and lots of hurricane damage.  But it was still great fun.
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