DarkPoetry Local / Regional Meetup Groups

DarkPoetry Local
DarkPoets are spread throughout the planet, and we want to facilitate your getting to meet in person, where possible.

This is new! So, when you don't see your locale in the list below, don't despair. It just means you need to create a new regional group. You can recruit others to that cause by joining the Find a Meetup Facebook group.


DarkPoetry LLC does not manage, endorse, or affiliate with any local group. Please inform us if a group listed here was disbanded, or a new group is formed.

The criteria we suggest for a new group to be listed is that it
1. Have at least five members enrolled
2. Have conducted at least one meeting in person
3. Name the facebook group "DarkPoetry: Local [your region/city here]"
4. Post on the Find a Meetup Facebook group to request that your group be added to the list.
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