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Login Problems

If you're having trouble logging on, please consider the following questions first:
  1. Is your caps lock on?
  2. Have you tried copying and pasting your password from a text editor like notepad?
  3. Have you tried logging on and failed more than 6 times in a row?  After that, your account will be locked until the next hour rolls over, and even your correct password will not work until then.
  4. Are you using any cookie blocking software or pop-up blocking firewall?  (if so, disable them for  We'll never pop up ads at you.)
  5. If you're using Camino on Mac or some other unsupported browser, have you tried using the site with a supported browser
  6. Have you tried the ultra-simple mobile login?
In the unlikely event that none of that works, you can visit

Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password, please click "Reset" in the login dialog and follow the instructions.  Check your spam folders if your password reset email does not show up in a reasonable amount of time.  The new password reset works for 100% of users who have kept their email address current on their accounts.

If for some reason your email is outdated and you can't log in, visit to get access to your account.  You will need to answer some specific questions to regain access to your account.

Other Help

Visit our support site to get help from people who know DarkPoetry in and out:

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