Linking Your DP Account to Facebook

Caution about Linking to Facebook

If you're already a member of DarkPoetry, be sure that you are signed in (to DarkPoetry) before clicking the below link, otherwise Darkpoetry will not realize who you are and create a second duplicate account, which is against the rules!

If you're not a DarkPoetry Member Yet

You can very easily sign up for your free account by clicking the below link. Your DarkPoetry username will be whatever your name on Facebook is. If you prefer to use something else, use our regular sign-up and then connect using the link in the following section.

Are You Sure?

Clicking this link FB iconwill send you to Facebook to link your Facebook account and login to DarkPoetry, so you can simply click to log in with facebook whenever you visit instead, and it will enable other functionality with Facebook.

Any additional functions like posting your poems to your Facebook profile can be enabled later, at your option. You are in charge!
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