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 Journeyman Scholars

The Journeyman Scholar class is designed by Matthew Steven, who studied poetry under Mary Swander, graduate of the prestigious University of Iowa Writer's Workshop, and more recently the Poet Laureate of  Iowa.

The class is typically taught by a qualified instructor supervised by Matthew who has passed the course at the top of their class, or by Matthew himself.

There are weekly activities, and you can do them at any time during the week, so it is very flexible and easy to fit in.

This class will give you a guiding hand as you learn new ways to re-evaluate your own writing, along with new vocabulary to help you better talk about your art with other knowledgeable poets.

Topics covered in this ten-week course include: 
  • Stylistic imitation
  • The critical art of choosing the right word
  • A fairly in-depth introduction to meter and structured poetry
  • Imagery
  • Polished free verse
  • Diction and voice
  • Developing good writing habits

This course has earned rave reviews from those who have taken it, with exit survey results having 100% of students said they strongly agree with the statement, "I have improved as a writer as a result of this class."

Students who successfully complete the course not only earn the honor of displaying the Journeyman Scholar badge on their profile in perpetuity, but also have the right to a mailed, signed and rather fancy certificate suitable for framing.
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