Darkpoetry Closing Down

Wow, this place was a big part of my life, and probably a big part of lots of your lives too. But it has become moribund and decrepit, and I am no longer in a position to deal with the day to day dramas that some of its members continue to generate, let alone the monumental task of bringing it up to modern standards or managing the business aspect of it.

All recurring payments have been canceled and in many cases refunded where time on the account is likely to exceed the remaining lifetime of the site, and upgrades will no longer be possible so we can avoid having anyone paying for anything they aren't using.

The domains are for sale, so if anyone wishes to have more information about that or anything else, you can email darkpoet@gmail.com for anything along those lines.

As the site has always warned: if you do not keep copies of your works on your own device, you hold the full risk of losing the content. Save anything you want to keep NOW, given the situation.

Update 5/23/24: The
download all works feature now is enabled for everyone, for your convenience you can get a PDF of everything on your profile, hidden or otherwise.
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Attention: Darkpoetry is now in maintenance mode and will be shutting down soon. Save your work if you wish to keep it.