Reporting Bugs on DP

What Not To Report

Things that are obviously not done yet. As of the last update of this document, that includes site stats and the forum.

Tools to Use

First, in order to use the bug tracker, sign up for a user account at  Then wait for notification that your account has been approved, and visit GeniusWeb to set your login cookie for later convenience.

The best way to find bugs is to browse the site with Internet Explorer, version 6 especially.  The developer uses Firefox almost exclusively during the initial phase and then patches things to work with IE later.  IE6 is the most hellish modern browser to code for, so most bugs will show up there.

You may also take on a "hacker mentality" and try to find holes in the system.  This site makes extensive use of Javascript, so read the scripts that are linked into the pages you are viewing if you are capable, and look for flaws in them that could lead you to do something you shouldn't be allowed to.  Then report it and include the date/time when you discovered it so I can quickly correlate it to log entries.  If you don't report it, and I find it, this will be a breach of trust.

By testing this system you agree to keep confidential any information that you receive or access whether intentionally or by accident, and to report any breaches to

What To Report

In general, report anything that doesn't behave in an expected manner and causes an inconvenience to the user.

Of course that particularly includes critical errors, but most of those are eliminated prior to the code being refreshed on this test site.

When reporting, assuming your account has been approved and you've logged in at GeniusWeb, you should visit the bug tracker and follow the directions carefully.  Incomplete bug reports waste both your time and mine, so take a minute to provide all relevant information.

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