The DarkPoetry Almanac

The DarkPoetry Almanac ceased publication due to time constraints. Should you wish to become the editor of future editions, please contact DarkPoet.

The DarkPoetry Almanac is a monthly publication in pdf format usually featuring a masterpiece of poetry, a workshop or feature section, and various news about the site and its members.

All members may subscribe, you simply need to enable "Send me the monthly DarkPoetry Almanac" in your preferences once logged on.

Getting In The Almanac

It's easy.  If you are publishing a new book, playing some new gigs, or have a new poetry-oriented site you want to promote, tell us about it.  All that is required for you to have your event listed is that you be a member of Postcard level or better.

Back Issues


  • October - A poem by E.A. Poe, a workshop on  poetic diction, DP events
  • November - A poem by P. Neruda, a workshop on imagery in poetry, events
  • December - A Howl for the Beats, a request for a counter-revolution in poetry circles, what's new with DarkPoetry, and how to get yourself a bunch of free stickers.
  • January - The Almanac has been suspended

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