Affiliate Program - Earn 10% on referred members

The purpose of the Affiliate program is to encourage DarkPoetry members to get involved in telling friends about

It works like this:
  1. You join DarkPoetry
  2. You tell a friend about it, and tell them your username so they'll credit you when they sign up.  (important!)
  3. Your friend upgrades to a full membership for a year at $99
  4. When it goes through, you get a payment in Ducats of DC $10 (which is 10% of 99, rounded)
  5. You can then upgrade your account, run a contest, or even buy some merchandise when we get that up and running!
The key point is:  Make sure your friend enters your username when they register.  If you use the link in the next section, the site will make sure it happens and do it for you!

Recruiting Friends

You can easily put links on your Facebook, or your blog, and other places on the internet to earn for members you refer from your other places, and it's easy!

You can pick up your HTML to link to DarkPoetry by being logged on to DarkPoetry first and simply clicking here!
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