Random Facts About Nehema

Just for fun, a little information supplied by Nehema.
Leftwing Commie or Rightwing Nutjob?Anarchist in thought, leftwing humanitarian at heart
Carrier of flower or carrier of seeds?Created some beautifully bloomed flowers
Ancient as the bedrock or just starting to rock?Just starting the prime of my life - thirty-something
What's your sign cutie?Crazy Aquarius
Why a Dark Poet and not a Sunshine Scribbler?Sometimes I let rainbows and butterflies fly out my ass, but only on special occasions.
Who really messed up your life?the only person responsible for anything in my life is me
Favorite smell or stinks like hell?Love Bergamot! And a sweaty man...
Beginning writer or lifer?I put down my quill years ago, feels good to pick it back up.
Does blood allure you or does it disturb you?Red is my favorite color, blood is a stimulat, a reminder of mortality.
There is no God, or God is you, or God will probably smite you for suggesting otherwise?Religion is a business, God isn't a businessman. She's my imaginary friend.
My heroes are:Trinity, Jung, Alice Cooper, Hitchcock
You should know this about me:I love everyone and everything, especially the things I hate; except my father - I really do hate him.
What's your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?ENFP
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