Random Facts About Quietus

Just for fun, a little information supplied by Quietus.
Leftwing Commie or Rightwing Nutjob?I don't know what that means but eh.. I'm right handed?
Carrier of flower or carrier of seeds?Uhh.. flower?
Ancient as the bedrock or just starting to rock?umm... I honestly do not wanna know what this means :P
What's your sign cutie?uhhh...scorpio? xD
Why a Dark Poet and not a Sunshine Scribbler?'Cause dark poetry is intriguing and I have no sunshine to scribble about...haha.
Who really messed up your life?I mess up my own life... but my step dad jacked it up pretty good too :P
Favorite smell or stinks like hell?uh... Roses smell pretty...?
Beginning writer or lifer?Kind of a beginner at writing.
Does blood allure you or does it disturb you?Allure :3
There is no God, or God is you, or God will probably smite you for suggesting otherwise?who the fuck cares?! :D
My heroes are:Lacey mosely, Alyxandrya Harvey, and Ronnie Radke... but he's more like a crush3
You should know this about me:i rawr like a dinosaur
What's your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?ISFP (Introvert: 100 Sensing: 25 Feeling: 38 Perceiving: 22)
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