Random Facts About Aunty Depressant

Just for fun, a little information supplied by Aunty Depressant.
Leftwing Commie or Rightwing Nutjob?Meat Eating, Tree-Humping, Nimby Hill Bippy(Hill Billy Hippy)
Carrier of flower or carrier of seeds?WTF?!Flour and seeds bakes some healthy snack while eating dark chocolate. I have spawn that have burst forth from my eggs.
Ancient as the bedrock or just starting to rock?Finely developed island, not entirely undisturbed, floating hopefully midstream, waiting to burst into an eruption of heat and force.
What's your sign cutie?Hold On! Rough Ride Ahead
Why a Dark Poet and not a Sunshine Scribbler?I go both ways...I think the more flowerier stuff is even scarier. Boo!
Who really messed up your life?It ain't over til its over. Good Times...Bad Times...but usually control freaks or attritionists seem to have the most bearing on making things crappy.
Favorite smell or stinks like hell?I love the smell of cinnamon rolls baking, the scent of a compatibly pheremonious lover,..skunked wet dog...really bad :(
Beginning writer or lifer?Off and onner. (I like to make up my own words)
Does blood allure you or does it disturb you?Mine or yours?
There is no God, or God is you, or God will probably smite you for suggesting otherwise?God is an amorphous being that is a reflection of our disturbed thoughts. But I could change my mind? You?
My heroes are:My heroes are those I have known that have faced challenges with dignity and determination.
You should know this about me:I am really a cocker spaniel named Ginger.
What's your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?Holy crap Matt...Am I on Match.com or some shit?!
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