Random Facts About RubyXero

Just for fun, a little information supplied by RubyXero.
Leftwing Commie or Rightwing Nutjob?I'm the "fence sitter" laughing at everyone passing by. Have my own views really...don't need to be influenced.
Carrier of flower or carrier of seeds?Lotus blossom
Ancient as the bedrock or just starting to rock?I've been rockin'...this soul just loves that damn music. and doesn't know how to quit coming back apparently. maybe perfection will be achieved someday...
What's your sign cutie?Leo
Why a Dark Poet and not a Sunshine Scribbler?I hate the sun dammit...though its my ruling planet. :P I find the morose and violent beautiful hence no "happy bunny poems" like my mom likes to say.
Who really messed up your life?My life is fine. I'm just evil. :}
Favorite smell or stinks like hell?Favorite smell...hmmm love the smell of jasmine.
Beginning writer or lifer?Mid life criser. I'm left i'm right. i'm up i'm down. Good and bad. Damn poetry has its/my days. but forever.
Does blood allure you or does it disturb you?Love to play with it...not into the taste too much. but depends on the mood.
There is no God, or God is you, or God will probably smite you for suggesting otherwise?God is in each of us. (See quote on profile by occult injunction)
My heroes are:...now sarcasm is scratching here...so i'm just gonna say NOBODY!
You should know this about me:well you needn't know shit about me. but should you wonder then don't be shy...biting is nice to ya know...and ask!
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