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Oh No, Not More Choices!

DP's tossed in a new concept... .The Genre. You can choose to better categorize your revolutionary manuscripts now by putting them into the "Political" or classify your comedic opera under "Comedy".

Or just be a big rebel and leave all your works "Unclassified" as is the default state of things.

As usual with upgrades to the magic incantations behind the site, report any breakages to us by the usual channels.
Posted by Gnome Powered on 2005-07-12 12:04:36

More Entertainment For Nero

You ever fly? You like to be naked? Why bother with fancy equipment that sees through your clothing when you can just go naked in the first place? Public nudity now required for public safety, please bend down on request for inspection...
Posted by Right Wing Leftist on 2005-05-27 08:46:49

Those nasty bunnies

I'd like to apologize for the accidental code rollback yesterday whereby the site was attacked by bunnies April fools style. It was not intentional.

The chatbox works and the "fun naughty word replacement with bunny phrases" are once again gone. If you find anything more wrong, please be free to contact us by the usual channels.
Posted by Mateo on 2005-05-17 08:58:30

How Long Will You Trade Rights For Security?

Whether you're wearing a tin foil hat, or ranting about the mark of the beast, you will be pleased to know your government is attaching lots of invasive legislation to unrelated bills to keep you safe.

As usual, insanity prevails in these matters. Please insert your RealID to continue...
Posted by Newds Flash on 2005-05-06 14:09:21

American Life from Its Poet Laureate

Talk about poetry on postcards, birds running wild, and advice for poets. Audio of the program will be available after about 2pm CT. Interview of Ted Kooser the US Poet Laureate.
Posted by DuckPort on 2005-04-04 11:23:46

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