Comments by JensGoneMad

  • "Either way thank you. Any comments are good comments to me. Means you read it! In it's enirity. My first thumbs down in my YouTube channel, I got excited. As a poet, you don't hear about much. "
    Posted by JensGoneMad on "No Love" by JensGoneMad
  • "jensgonemad JDE All you have to do is type that in and ill pop up. My YouTube channel. Pls enjoy"
    Posted by JensGoneMad on "Hostage" by JensGoneMad
  • "Thank you. I have a YouTube channel I post my poems on as well and edit the videos all by myself. Lol. And yes I am my own worst enemy. This poem was a prompt to poem suggested by A poetry Facebook page. Write a poem about isolation due to covid-19. I can't help but go dark so I correlated an abuse victim comparing her isolation from him and the social distancing. Idk I think it worked out. "
    Posted by JensGoneMad on "Hostage" by JensGoneMad
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