Comments by FlowMyTears

  • "You can criticize and that's fine with me, but my advice is to be more specific about criticisms towards other people. I actually prefer that people just say whatever they want."
    Posted by FlowMyTears on "Martinsburg" by FlowMyTears
  • "okay, i mostly just like to talk to people, but maybe if i were published i would see more of them. "
    Posted by FlowMyTears on "Firefly" by FlowMyTears
  • "well the poem was originally about a moth, which instinctively fly to any light source. But then are thought i was a firefly when i was writing this because i loved those as a kid. Was my 10$ i sent this site someone laughing at me for wanting "professional publishing"? You decide, i've been wanting to get my horrible thoughts published for a while but it's always met with resitance."
    Posted by FlowMyTears on "Firefly" by FlowMyTears
  • "i feel like everything you write adds to what i already put up here, which is intimidating, but it makes me want to cry. I want to learn more about this site without paying any money. That's why i think this site is wierd, it seems like there are levels of awesomeness with the donate button."
    Posted by FlowMyTears on "Firefly" by FlowMyTears
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