Comments by Lil Rorschach

  • "I feel this a lot right now, I too have been digging a rut. I hope you can climb out of yours. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "LIAR." by Flavorless
  • "Nice tribute piece, really makes me remember past experiences. Nice and warm simple little things build upon the bigger things. I hope you are feeling better, great piece. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "blanket camouflage" by Flavorless
  • "Great piece I feel for you a lot. While life can seem very traumatic just know that it can get better and through time you will grow. It seems hypocritical for me to tell you that you'll find love since I have that problem as well but I speak to you knowing that good things will come to good people. You will find what you need and I wish you the best in that regard. I'm sorry your day isn't going well, don't let your self hate get the better of you. It may seem hard and thats because it is but learn to live with it, because it gets better. Stay alive friend."
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "she can't see it." by Flavorless
  • "I'm very glad that I have helped you, and I'm happy to have lifted a weight off of you. In regards to my biology I am still working on that, relationships and sexual stuff just throws me through a loop. I have been easing in to understanding it more though, also learning to cope with it instead of suppress. I love to post and am happy you are willing to read, I posted a long vent so go see that if you like. Have a great week"
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "she needs intimacy." by Flavorless
  • "really well done here, this hits close to home a lot. I am fearful and yet I am so relaxed of that topic. It haunts my subconscious as I get through the day. I know how you feel, love is a fickle thing with many faces all of whom seem blurred. I have been burnt by many in that regard and I am still yet hidden in denial. My own biology is in constant invisible war with wondering eyes. I feel for you, I wish you the best and I hope you find what you are looking for soon. Great write!"
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "she needs intimacy." by Flavorless
  • "I hope you will be saved, I leave as many comments as I can to try and spark people's day, and inspiring! Thank you so much, I just write for myself mainly but I appreciate that you like my work"
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "she's had enough." by Flavorless
  • "beautiful piece the painful truths of life, yes the world is fucked but we can try to save it or at the very least each other. Great job here, have a nice day. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "she's had enough." by Flavorless
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