Comments by Lil Rorschach

  • "Holy fuck that is so good, I felt that one. outstanding write, Just honestly so well crafted and so legible. Very well done here! I hope you find purpose, though it is hypocritical for me to say this, I to row the same boat, anyways I hope it gets better friend. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Existential Insects " by CryMeaRiver
  • "You really capture mental health and your raw emotion is definitely felt, I have felt that dread. While I can't fully understand your story and your pain, and vice versa know that I see you. I absolutely love the last stanza of rebuilding it is truely like that, sometimes it feels that god just gave me pieces that don't go together. Just know that we are here for you, carry on soldier. As usual live a long happy healthy life friend. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Self Corrosion " by CryMeaRiver
  • "That ending is really emotional and filled with pain. I hear you in that we all hear you. This piece is great, I wish that you stay alive. I wish you the best of luck and a long happy life."
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "17 stitches " by CryMeaRiver
  • "Roses are the perfect vessel to personify Memento Mori (remember you will die) Its beauty is limitless yet it's life is very limited, great piece. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Rose " by CryMeaRiver
  • "I know a lot of people who can relate to this, your minimalist style of writing shows how the emotion is controlled or monitored by others. Really great poem. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Stuck in a Psych Ward " by CryMeaRiver
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