Comments by Hope in despair

  • "Love this piece! There is brokenness, and darkness, but such a sense of hope and renewal as well. Broken, but on the mend. "
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "This is a super write! The wordplay is fantastic! Am I so far gone that it's too late ? I've lost my way can I find my way again? Is there hope for me? Very well done!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Demons" by Sudos
  • "Wow! I am humbled and honored that I could inspire you! You also have inspired me to write again! I have not written in many years but you and this community have inspired me to do so!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Yet Again" by Sudos
  • "Wow! Great poem! I really like that part about having that hand of help for a moment, and it slipping. That wrenching heartbreak, yet having to trudge through daily life yet again. Well done! "
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Set This Sun" by Sudos
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