Comments by sadistic intent hex

  • "I like the images you paint here, I also like how you question if the deomons are just looking for help them selves. makes me think. remember demons can not harm unless given permission and are meant to feed off our negative energies."
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "My Demons" by Elizabeth kaczocha
  • "good work, really made me stop and think for a minute after I read it. was my demon in me was my demon a she twisted my mind a bit."
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "Never Seen" by Damien
  • "mentally shattered Mad as a hatter mad I can t have her I like the role off that and the back and forth is epic. demons are all around us man. great write ."
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "love this write had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading wondering where this was going but it began to form like a painting. perfect and the carny barker I believe set the mood and memory flash backs eating on the wheel carnival of souls I agree 13 perfect name."
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "The Carny Barker" by Damien
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