Comments by Alectozere

  • "I could feel the pain in this.. thank you for sharing these feelings so others could relate."
    Posted by Alectozere on "Tears" by megaprime81
  • "The general human seems to have trouble admitting their faults. Even I am guilty of this. I respect people that have the courage to swallow their pride and admit they're at fault, they inspire me to work on that aspect of myself. Good write!"
    Posted by Alectozere on "It's my fault" by Hope in despair
  • "You wrote this really beautifully and I love the words you used for it, life in indeed just a ''phase'' and we are born to die, so what is the point? What should we do?"
    Posted by Alectozere on "The Abyss" by Sorrowful Jester
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