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  • "I am so very sorry for your an animal lover, this I know and understand, they will never betray us, their love and loyalty is unmatched ! They are always glad to see us, always glad to give us all the love they can....they are the truest friends we could ever have.... Now I'll tell you this, FUCK the vet who thinks more of his money ( typical ) of man, than he does of caring for anything that needs help, for when we can help others, and turn our back on them this shall remain unforgivable...., again, sorry for your loss my brother. 13........."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "As Black as the Night With Some Stars" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "First, I'll say, I truly hope your feeling better brother. Second, your absloutly right it always seems to never let up for us...and last , I'll share a secret that gets me through, it's called mind fuck yourself ! Every battle I ever won was in my mind first. Great write, I even felt sister morphine ! She's a awesome lady ! Well done, get better dude.... 13..."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Post Surgery Confusion" by Commander_Cadaver
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