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  • "Dear kady, keep your heart close, no need for male....your happiness is within you...always was...akways shall always shall put you first, for the image in the mirror cannot reflect the soul and spirit....just know that truly we are worthy of our own h as happiness. Awesome ink....13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Return To Sender " by RoseTheBrokenHearted
  • "Our lady, such emotion, and inner expression in your words that flow out of your soul...let not your heart be troubled. For in being lost, or found, your heart is still yours, lost or found, your love, and all that it is, yes, is yours. And there are those who have the ability to look into others and see their inner beauty, even just to understand their words expressed from there soul.. And we tell you this, you are found ! For even in being lost, yourself will always come to you !!! Beautiful and strong are your words .. For they came from a spirit found !! "
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "I Lost Myself, but I'm Searching To Be Found " by RoseTheBrokenHearted
  • "One woman. One man. There is no room for anything, or anyone else my lady. You know what you give, you know what you receive. If your not this persons everything, then this person, deceives, even himself ! Our spirits know how others feel about us my lady, do all things that bring you happiness, and those that love you, will already be doing this ! HIC sumus ! ...give no one your wings !! "
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "To Be In Love With You" by RoseTheBrokenHearted
  • "My lady, always go with your heart, that little voice, that awesome inter feeling. Let your spirit Peirce through the ones that they give warning to your beautiful spirit ! For there is great decernment in your soul ! For it always sees through others deception ! Only give to those who give equal or more back to you ! This is balance ! And when it's not as it seems, walk away, for your true heart is near !!! Awesome work my lady, and we know you are very spiritual..."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Never As It Seems " by RoseTheBrokenHearted
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