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  • "Myself as well, my lady, 25 years of it. A year as r for me as well, and as you well know it's a vicious controls everything we are and year and I still suffer endless nights, legs swims, not being able to get comfortable, sleep 15 to 29 minutes at a time, so exhausted by day break i collapse for my longest rest...yes i also know of it's toll, my only son of on banging ice..sadly after being clean for a year and making a fatal choice to do it just one more time...he was only's one hell of a demon to deal with....anyway, it is my pleasure to meet you, . And keep yourself clean !... your write is truth, one we both well know, my work is very different here, as i am and have always been very spiritual....check my work out and you will understand...I walk my own path, and am not concerned in pacifying others lies or deceit, and can see through most, you I sense, are much as like, enjoyed your write, 13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "An addict's cry" by SleepingDead
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