Comments by 13sonsofgod

  • "Lord south, you have done well. For what mannor of mans thoughts have ever known your heart ! Great perception...."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Lord Soth" by Digital Dart
  • "Dam ! A nuclear bomb dropped here !! Loved this explosion of a write ! Gonna have to walk this one off !! Great job DD...and as always, your certainly forgiven..."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "August Nothings" by Digital Dart
  • "Your very welcome brother.. And your words elsewhere are extremely appreciated and taken to heart... Thank you !! "
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Better Yet ~" by Digital Dart
  • "Your words are taken deeply... Deep is the cutting stone of the heart. The cutting board feeling the knives cut !!! Well done.... Very well done....."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Better Yet ~" by Digital Dart
  • "Awesome write ! Touching what our heart loves, is so much more everlasting, then the brush of lust. Touching in true love, welds the hearts together, for what we don't use, we lose....well done brother....."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Breathing You In" by Digital Dart
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