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  • "Religion never fixed anything, never ment anything to me.. i love knowing others and caring truly.....i call it relationship brother...13......."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "We are brothers to the end... And shall stay close to you..... For time and space mean nothing To us friend, it never has, it never shall..... For if we carried Christ up to the higest pinicacle, and showed him the earth and heavens, surely we can show man...... You write from bbn your spirit brother And it pleases us in spirit! 13sonsofgod..........HIC SUMUS......."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "There always here brother... Your writes grow darker.... Your words grow deeper.... Darkness grows closer...... The fall is upon us....... The harvest is ready...... Your ink is its testimony, very well done here brother...13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "Bad , Bad, Demons...they feared king Solomon...... they could you as well... if you understand.....great write ...13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Demons" by Sudos
  • "Well done here brother, helping hands are few these days. For most are only concerned in helping themselves. Buy I'm sure you already know this... It will only get worse brother, and remember my words, most warriors stand alone.....but make no mistake, we are the earth shakers !.....13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Set This Sun" by Sudos
  • "As usual, great write my brother...I've enjoyed reading all your work......and truly, thank you for being one of the few here, who looked my way, 13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Call It Bliss" by Sudos
  • "Scripture states it is better to give Than to receive Yet the takers are many The givers few And when we have gave all we have And they have taken all we have to give, then what my brother.. Your write here is awesome....13.."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Colors Wept" by Sudos
  • "Never look back my brother for we my see others doing the same....great write......13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "All Ways" by Sudos
  • "One of the most painful things for us to accept is simply the truth my brother. And this truth I share with you is, just because we feel a certain way about someone, doesn't mean that they we feel this same way about us... this is why it is so very important to learn to see into others soul, for when we learn this, they know and feel their deceit is known and they will flee with their deceit for truly only a spirit can call out a spirit for what would we be if all we had was flesh to flesh? Awesome write my brother, and your words and heart is understood and felt here...13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Truly Yours" by Sudos
  • "Fly spirit fly.....up, up, to the sky ! ! ! Awesome write ! Ride that silver lady.....13....."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Lovetorn" by Sudos
  • "My perception here is the deeper one digs into this write, the richer it becomes !! Same as one who can dig truly into themselves ! Great write brother !! Very well done here !! 13......"
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Lips Bitten" by Sudos
  • "A master builder that has built from life's experience.. Deep are your writes brother,very deep are your writes.. You have built this one well...."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "A Private Level of Hell" by Sudos
  • "Thank you for sharing this, it was very much understood and enjoyed...taken to heart D D......."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "My Parenthesis" by Sudos
  • "Your very welcome brother.. And your words elsewhere are extremely appreciated and taken to heart... Thank you !! "
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Better Yet ~" by Sudos
  • "Your words are taken deeply... Deep is the cutting stone of the heart. The cutting board feeling the knives cut !!! Well done.... Very well done....."
    Posted by 13sonsofgod on "Better Yet ~" by Sudos
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