Comments by Renegade

  • "I really appreciate your feedback and didn't take any offence to it. My bluntness tends to get me in trouble, it's hard to know how some interpret what I say and takes hours for me to realize that I've said the wrong thing."
    Posted by Renegade on "Afraid" by Renegade
  • "Yeah, the gamble can be fun for me too until the anxiety kicks in. About the Freudian slip, I now see how that could cause offence, thank you for pointing it out. "
    Posted by Renegade on "Afraid" by Renegade
  • "I can understand the curiosity to learn what she remembers and the frustration when she makes you upset, but some things are better left forgotten. She only wants to protect you. I've also had times like these, but rather than not knowing why, I remember every detail down to even the smell. It's haunting."
    Posted by Renegade on "Fragments" by Quietus
  • "Thank you, I'm glad that you recognized the flow. That line came so easy to me because I often find myself looking anywhere, away from others eyes."
    Posted by Renegade on "Afraid" by Renegade
  • "The search of a friend can be a hard road to travel by but the destination isn't always so clear. Look where you have been, find the people you've met along the way. We're all searching for someone. Mayhaps someone is searching for you as well. I wish you luck on your travels."
    Posted by Renegade on "Internal struggle" by overthinkervampire
  • "A fine couple. I agree with IamZero, that this is a beautiful, bittersweet piece. Something about the second paragraph reminds me of how we all house a skeleton inside our velvet lining. Thank you for sharing."
    Posted by Renegade on "Elegy" by Smiles
  • "One needn't apologize for their emotions. Our opinions and feeling make us what we are. Without them, we are just husk without a purpose to keep moving forward. Everyone has darkness within them and being able to admit that is something to be proud of. Thank you for sharing your emotions."
    Posted by Renegade on "im sorry" by vamp_111
  • "I enjoyed the emotions poured into this writing. Hopefully you will get to enjoy what you envy. Thank you for sharing."
    Posted by Renegade on "Baby Boy" by Wax Wings
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