Comments by MatthewAdamsPoetry

  • "Another painfully beautiful and passionately transparent piece. The pain and guilt and grief that weighs so heavily on these lines gives it an honesty not easily achieved without becoming blunt. The pain behind the words is understandable, but so is the hope and the unconditional love. Well done, and please keep writing."
    Posted by MatthewAdamsPoetry on "kayla" by deathly_poetic
  • "This is a painfully beautiful poem. It cuts deeply into the reader's soul, conveying a wellspring of pain, guilt, and fear which each of us can recognize in our darkest moments. The deftly delivered final insight on the cause of the pain, perhaps, is also well done as both twist and climax. Painful, I know, but very good work."
    Posted by MatthewAdamsPoetry on "Numb" by deathly_poetic
  • "This was profoundly painful in a sense that is universal, I suspect. Many people who read this may see in the imagery and concepts of lingering, poisoned memories in a relationship reflections of their own experiences. That is not easily done, so very good work."
    Posted by MatthewAdamsPoetry on "Limp" by Bittersweetbedbyes
  • "A powerful sense of introspection hangs over this piece. It is intense and evocative in its challenge. Certainly very personal to the author, but as a man who lives with many ghosts from an unhappy life I can relate painfully well. A tragic but excellent work."
    Posted by MatthewAdamsPoetry on "Fragments" by Quietus
  • "Absolutely loved this piece. It is so very dark and painful, the honesty in these words is as powerful as the clear imagery. I salute the strength and transparency involved in writing and publishing this piece, and I look forward to anything more you share."
    Posted by MatthewAdamsPoetry on "Red Bracelets " by Quietus
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