Comments by bipolarthoughts19

  • "I love how you have wrote this piece, i love how these words could help alot of people see they're not alone and can relate to it in many different ways! ❤️"
    Posted by bipolarthoughts19 on "All That is Left" by Meadowhawk
  • "I loved and felt relation to parts of this piece , for some reason 'At least some things in life are worth it. Petting her with my left hand, I grab my coffee with my right And bring the cup to my lips. I take a long sip...shit. Cold." Made me feel hope at the end and a little bit more of a relative snicker at the coffee cold! If u ever need to chat I'm here 💗"
    Posted by bipolarthoughts19 on "Cold Coffee and a Black Cat" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "Just remember hun he taught you life's skills for when the time for you to carry them out on your own came, he knew even if you don't think that you are that you are strong and more than capable 💓 heart goes out to you xxx"
    Posted by bipolarthoughts19 on "His Angel" by totallyalone
  • "The beauty of self harm we know its just so wrong but its addictive ... You grabbed my attention right from the start! Love this"
    Posted by bipolarthoughts19 on "Bleed" by totallyalone
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