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  • "I'm getting the picture of being trapped in one's own head. When I was using meth I felt trapped by addiction and I couldn't break free. And it started to scare me. I may be entirely wrong with my interpretation but it's what it brought to mind."
    Posted by Roxxi on "Coffin Shaped Room" by Sorrowful Jester
  • "Thank you so much for your help and tips. You are very kind."
    Posted by Roxxi on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
  • "My drug of choice was meth and let me tell you that caused so much pain for me and my loved ones. At first I was angry with them for not seeing the pain I was in but recovery has a way of changing the addict's mind."
    Posted by Roxxi on "...Parabolic...Entanglement " by SolApathy
  • "In recovery, I find I have a lot to say. My poetry will be mostly about recovery, NA, and Dave. They've kinda become my life now."
    Posted by Roxxi on "...Gnarled" by SolApathy
  • "I just wrote a poem called "Gnarled", too! Just between us, yours is way better than mine."
    Posted by Roxxi on "...Gnarled" by SolApathy
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