Comments by Samael Crowe

  • "Yes, and most of the time people don't care for advice, they just want someone to actually listen. Also, this seems to me like a beautiful description of a deep, caring friendship, which I long for.."
    Posted by Samael Crowe on "I'll be here" by Hope in despair
  • "I don't think it has anything to do with low self-esteem. It seems to me that people blame everyone and everything but never themselves. Thus, humility and self-reflection are much needed in today's world. Interpretations may vary, though. Anyway, very nice and thought-provoking work! "
    Posted by Samael Crowe on "It's my fault" by Hope in despair
  • "Thank you for sharing this hope in despair, it is much needed, dear Hope in despair! It really resonates with me. I love the way you have written it. As much as I strive for the light, I think that darkness is important too and, combined with the light, allows us to make progress (both material and spiritual)."
    Posted by Samael Crowe on "The Hall" by Hope in despair
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