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  • "I'm sorry to hear that, sunshine. The name you chose suggests you still have some hope left or you crave for it. So welcome to DP, many people here hurt and can relate and I know this is the reason you joined. Stay strong and persevere. It will be worth it in the end, no matter how impossible it feels at the moment. "
    Posted by Samael Crowe on "alone." by sunshine
  • "Very poetic and melodic, I enjoyed reading it through a couple of times. I am glad to see you somehow managed to get to post new poems! :) The fourth verse is my favourite, very skilful. I'm most certainly looking forward to reading more of your poetry. Keep it up, my friend! "
    Posted by Samael Crowe on "-Seated-" by sTr8-jAcKeT
  • "This was an absolutely beauteous tribute. I know he'd be very proud of you. Although I don't know what sibling love is (as I'm an only child), this made me long for a brother or a sister. You two must have had a great time together and though he's gone for the time being, you at least have unforgettable memories no one will ever take away. And as you say, you'll surely meet again. Who now gives you the strength you need in blackest of times? I think his strength somehow lingers on."
    Posted by Samael Crowe on "-Your Strength-" by sTr8-jAcKeT
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