Comments by Smiles

  • "Honestly, it's probably a bit of both. Thank you for reading Lily. "
    Posted by Smiles on "Empty" by Smiles
  • "Thank you for the comment, Rose. Hopefully someday things will be different."
    Posted by Smiles on "Empty" by Smiles
  • "Why do people feel so fucking helpless that they feel the need to put a gun against their head? Why am I so empty inside?"
    Posted by Smiles on "A Letter to God" by Damien
  • "I like trying to find a good contrast between the two. Beautifully morbid, I guess. Thank you for reading Renegade. "
    Posted by Smiles on "Elegy" by Smiles
  • "Thank you for reading Zero. I definitely liked writing this one. "
    Posted by Smiles on "Elegy" by Smiles
  • "What can I say that Dan hasn't summed up far more eloquently than I could? You're fantastic Jonas. "
    Posted by Smiles on "It bleeds" by Jonas Robinson
  • "You're exactly right. It simply felt unfinished, which is why I titled it so, but I realize that it is finished. I have nothing left to add to this piece. I like your way of thinking I IS ME. Thank you."
    Posted by Smiles on "Unfinished " by Smiles
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