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  • "We all deserves to be healed, this is a life designed to do us all more harm than good. Thanks dude"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Simple Answers" by I IS ME
  • "Haha, in a hundred or a hundred and fifty years you will say that again about these time. They will be considered olden times and this conversation will be considered insane."
    Posted by I IS ME on "Third Eye Blind" by I IS ME
  • "As artist we don't rely, this is what makes us different. Plato, Aristotle and all the great philosophers. Your Shakespeare and Newton we actively creating and thing while others were accepting the status quot. There is that random one, that strange brain , that wants to exist outside of what is normal. This is where invention lie, new thoughts, and ways of life "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Third Eye Blind" by I IS ME
  • "Haha the interesting thing would be if we could get others in on this conversation. No worries on conversation"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Third Eye Blind" by I IS ME
  • "Everything human is subject to atrophy. Use it or loose it is a real thing. At one time we were all of one of one voice, but at some point that was broken. We believe that at some point we used far more than twelve percent of our brain. Through telepathy we communicated as one with humans and animal. When we invented language and through time we lost the telepathic ability. you see smarter isn't always a correct definition for evolving. There has been so much knowledge lost. Old wives tales that we are spending millions in research only to find that they had it right. you mentioned instincts, man was built to use instincts, being one of the most defenseless animals on the planet. His brain and five senses worked in combination. He was more in tuned to his surroundings. But the we began herding and forming communities, building walls and posting sentries. All these measures relaxed us and made our instincts dull "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Third Eye Blind" by I IS ME
  • "Time, everything and everybody is allotted a specific amount of time. Some will accomplish their purpose without even leaving the hospital. We bounce off each other affecting each other kinda like a cue ball. We never stop to think that we are a by product of the big bang. Continually moving and evolving, acting and reacting. The same laws that govern the universe in the beginning still remains as with us. But think, thinking that we are smarter isn't always better. we can't see what is right before our eyes. Since we refuse to use the third eye it ceases to function "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Third Eye Blind" by I IS ME
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