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  • "Dude we have to be honest, that is the only way that we roll. We had to look these words up, which did help us to learn some new words. But our vocabulary isn't on the level of a lot of you guys. We strive and we don't mind looking up words after reading new ones. But this piece took us a few hours to write with looking up words and fitting them in. Thanks a ton as always for the support, much appreciation "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Sonora" by I IS ME
  • "Thanks a ton Lady, we are trying different stuff this year. We figured everyone is tired of the same old stuff. Thanks a ton again"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Sonora" by I IS ME
  • "That is indeed an idea, to push this piece out there even farther. Thank you for reading and commenting on this piece Lady"
    Posted by I IS ME on "The Darkness" by I IS ME
  • "Thank you Mr. Jonas, we only wish that we had responded in a much timelier matter. But just the same we appreciate the support "
    Posted by I IS ME on "528 Hz" by I IS ME
  • "We're super sorry about the length to our response dude. But we seriously appreciate the support, much appreciation for the read and comment "
    Posted by I IS ME on "SOS" by I IS ME
  • "We just thought that we would mix a little darkness in with this thought. We have heard over and over that long distance relationships are dead from the onset. We just decided to spin it into a tale, thanks a ton dude "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Long Distance Relationships" by I IS ME
  • "Dude, we just received the comment from this site. But where have you been, hopefully you're good and thanks a ton"
    Posted by I IS ME on "My Mermaid" by I IS ME
  • "It need the blend to round everything out. Thanks for the read and comment, much appreciation"
    Posted by I IS ME on "Andromeda" by I IS ME
  • "People deny it but there is a balance within, we're positive and negative. We think that our conscience choice after a certain age determine which one is more in control or does the the balance continue. Hahaha, we didn't intend this reply in that direction when we started replying. But people can heal each other and balance each other out. Share a genuine love for each other, not just as man and woman or partners, but as a true family that co exist in this world. Hahaha, freaking long answer to your comment we know "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Scarred" by I IS ME
  • "This was actually written at the request of a poetess on another site. We take request a lot if we're stumped. The series that you mentioned is tight and we have another poem, that is a Halloween piece that is closer "
    Posted by I IS ME on "Shadow Embrace" by I IS ME
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