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  • "Love gives us the power to let go of someone who doesn't feel the same. I had to do that a few weeks ago. I still have my boyfriend you know. I am just talking of someone who I thought was a friend but they truly never were. "
    Posted by Arwen on "Teardrops" by I IS ME
  • "haha i read it more innocently the first time around! i love what I saw vividly. You did the euphemisms perfectly as usual. i am such a kid haha!"
    Posted by Arwen on "Love Cruise" by I IS ME
  • "The poor will always be with us but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight to try to give them a better life if possible. Deep down though I wonder if the poor can be at times more rich than billionaires. "
    Posted by Arwen on "Tis The Season" by I IS ME
  • "Unconditional love can be so hard to find! Insecurity and low self esteem is so easy to give in to. "
    Posted by Arwen on "Rebuilding" by I IS ME
  • "This is so very beautiful and yet so heart breaking. You use the galaxy metaphors so very well. The first stanza was my absolute favorite!"
    Posted by Arwen on "Evolved" by I IS ME
  • "Yes that is so very true! Love makes all the difference. Everything else is enhanced with it but mediocre without it!"
    Posted by Arwen on "Snowed In" by I IS ME
  • "It is so tough losing a loved one. Knowing they're in heaven can ease the pain some for sure."
    Posted by Arwen on "Little Dove" by I IS ME
  • "Hmm it's got to be red wine! Sounds like baby it's cold outside should be playing. I sort of like Norah Jones and Willie Nelson singing together! :-)"
    Posted by Arwen on "Snowed In" by I IS ME
  • "Silence speaks volumes. Sometimes when one doesn't know the reasoning behind it, it can be scary. It can be hard to translate. I hope since you have explained it so excellently she'll now understand why. The why being the most important thing. "
    Posted by Arwen on "Mysteries" by I IS ME
  • "I used to think it was very humble to beat myself up emotionally all the time but now I know it isn't worth it. I don't hate myself anymore. I try to make friends with the enemy inside me more often. At times I fail but I just try even harder the next time. A very enthralling poem you have here."
    Posted by Arwen on "Emotional Cleanse" by I IS ME
  • "This is a very fascinating poem. I don't have to agree with everything in it to enjoy it. You're very talented. Keep up the great work. You're so very versatile when it comes to style."
    Posted by Arwen on "How Could" by I IS ME
  • "Hmm I always wondered if puppy love could survive all kinds of weather. "
    Posted by Arwen on "Puppy Love" by I IS ME
  • "Love grows so subtly. It is quite amazing how it all starts really. Nice poem!"
    Posted by Arwen on "The Usual" by I IS ME
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