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  • "It began as a song, before I thought to place it here. Perhaps j could get you're thoughts on the audio audio version"
    Posted by Shaded_Iris on "Big Bad Wolf" by Shaded_Iris
  • ""If you're afraid to fly then I guess you never will." I say take the leap at your limits, and constantly test them. *Much Respect * Given*"
    Posted by Shaded_Iris on "blind." by Flavorless
  • "And somehow words only scuff and scratch at the door that's hidden so much more. Once it's opened it will never be closed again . Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping to break both in and out."
    Posted by Shaded_Iris on "Stricken" by Shaded_Iris
  • "His smile bent His laugh echoed His skin aged His face a memory His lips baron His hair thinned His eyes wounded His personality piercing His being unaware "
    Posted by Shaded_Iris on "all my poems from 2018" by vamp_111
  • "Love is such a quagmire. ... Truely. Much thanks for sharing and my condolences. It's a trap and the Agony ahead is the surest thing even in such an uncertain world. Desire has driven endless enamored to an earthly grave. Keep what composure you've left still, to keep hold and fill this life you live. Or else risk giving way to a cheap hand and the highest stakes"
    Posted by Shaded_Iris on "Quicksand" by Aethelwyne
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