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  • "I still can't quite muster a proper response... that second stanza is just so so good... that will have to suffice. For now. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "crowtalk" by Feral
  • "This is just..... Personally masterful. Truly your creation. I'll have to come back to this, proper. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "crowtalk" by Feral
  • "...a blood borne elemental. About the closest I can come to describing your poetry. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "calico" by Feral
  • "I could delve so deeply into this... The strength that this emits is quite something, indeed. ~blue"
    Posted by blue on "a private mythology" by Feral
  • "oh my! I immediately was stricken with chills.....the trunk appears to be swelling with a person, a soul trying to escape, trapped beneath the gnarled bark.....unsettling to say the least. what a photo!!!! phantastical! ~b "
    Posted by blue on "The Mad Tree, Defiant." by Feral
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