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  • "I don’t know why, but this is making me want to call up taoist quotes. Well, I do know why, but that is beside the point. My point is this, lady: this write, your language, this way of expressly constructing ideas (yes, I nabbed it…well sort of) is so uniquely yours… knowing you, it probably has an elemental signature that stands out in the ultra violet spectrum. Stop being so damn clever. “…a resonate form opens” …the last three stanzas really pull this together. Now' fulgurite… that’s curious to be sure; can’t quite figure on what is the key element here, the sand, the lightning or the glass. Curious, very curious. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "Albatross " by Feral
  • "…well. Where can one ever begin? There is always a sudden severity to your writing, whether toward the darkness or light, it is always there, this… immediate and intentional incisiveness. “…scarlet and viscus, slithering in the sand at my feet”. To command the readers attention so forcefully, so completely… it’s quite brilliant, you rascal. evocation, of course, of course… always love your titles, so clever. Moreover, your writes have an elliptical quality for me, like a slow burning star caught in the orbit of an ultra dense black hole. Orbiting, orbiting. Pondering, pondering. Evocations, indeed. That last stanza and closing line…incomparable. “that place of mythic transition…” you slay me, every time. Much love and respect. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "xviii: evocation" by Feral
  • "...and the wounds that shadow our flight. Your writing is just so penetrating, like the immediacy of a dire or dangerous situation that amplifies the senses, focused and utterly affecting. As always, miss you. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "a private mythology" by Feral
  • "...holding said tooth tight tight tight... The lunar tides within call out; each tiny moon individuated by a myth, red as self: Slain! Utterly slain. ...just so so you. It makes me smile. Well done, you. Well done. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "crowtalk" by Feral
  • "Visceral and commanding... this pen of yours, there is an immediate current and undertow that never relents until the crashing calm. So to speak. And, the title... on so many levels. Much respect, as always. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "in.violet" by Feral
  • "You got that right, without question. To quote Bill Hicks: “humans are just a virus with shoes”. More so now than ever. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "Ambiviphant" by Lady Grinning Soul
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