Comments by happilydepressed

  • "Your words and willingness to share them shows your combined wisdom and generosity and I welcome them no matter how long the answer is, : ) : ("
    Posted by happilydepressed on "Scarred" by I IS ME
  • "Great write, i loved the last stanza, I love the realization of being damaged and the hope for a new start, I especially loved the line "Please be my healing, we could be each other's yin and yang, : ) : ( "
    Posted by happilydepressed on "Scarred" by I IS ME
  • "Beautiful creation here for sure, I loved this through and through every line every word struck me with awe and filled my head with such wonderful and beautiful imagery, well written is a understatement : ) : ( "
    Posted by happilydepressed on "Creation" by I IS ME
  • "I liked this a lot, I have the scene from GOT playing in my head where Melisandre gave birth to the shadow demon i thought that might be the aftermath of the embrace you so beautifully described, excellent write : ) : ("
    Posted by happilydepressed on "Shadow Embrace" by I IS ME
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