Comments by Divine hell

  • "She will reap the consequences of her actions one way or another. A tremendously well written poem, I can feel the fire in these words."
    Posted by Divine hell on "Wrong Turn" by Just Dave
  • ""With a heart so pure, still believing in magic. Though her eyes had witnessed flagrant acts from the tragic“ Perhaps wishing for better days and moments in time where reality doesn't allow it to be. Still hope doesn't come in the most conventional manner but sometimes knocks on your door. Maybe those wishes will come true someday who knows?"
    Posted by Divine hell on "Falling Stars" by Chelsey Elaine
  • "This a very excellent write, you have a nice rhyme sceme going and paint a nice story into a well written poem."
    Posted by Divine hell on "Thrill Seeker" by RaheemaFKM
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