Comments by Queazenart

  • "What a coincidence. I was thinking about your poetry today and came to the site to read some of your work. What a pleasant surprise it was to see you had a new piece. I don't have much to say on this. It's resonating with me at the moment because of some problematic life circumstances, though this piece takes things to creative extreme I thankfully am not at haha. I hope you're doing well, Tman, and hope to see more from you soon."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Monday" by tmanzano
  • "I don't know how I missed this piece. Glad I stopped by your page and saw it. I swear I could read paragraphs of random thoughts from you and still enjoy myself. However, these are not random thoughts, and what is present here is cutting to say the least. Rain and lightning, praying to be struck down... I love it. Hope you're doing well brother and hope to see some more stuff soon."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Forgetting Me " by tmanzano
  • "One might find it lazy or shallow to answer a question with a question, but I think this is an enlightening insight to a particular view of depression. It's open, but does not fit every definition of the disease, making it in some way unique. Depression can manifest in so many different forms, it's best to speak openly about it and squelch any assumptions. It's good to read something from you again, even if it is something sad and short."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Understanding Depression " by tmanzano
  • "Reeling from the gross double meaning of the title. Great imagery and your spacing gives each line a heaping of hesitation. Great work, yet again."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Colder Than You" by tmanzano
  • "Deeply emotional, perfectly portrayed, and heart-wrenchingly tragic. Great flow with only a little jaggedness near the end, increasing its impact. I am enamored with yet another of your pieces."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Just Before I Go" by tmanzano
  • "The language, be it figurative or literal, and all the unique imagery makes this a very difficult piece to digest- I've had to read it several times over the past two days to try to comprehend it. The thing that seems clear (to me at least) is a strong sense of moving on. The sun is setting behind the speaker and this unnamed male figure as they head out into their abyss- Death for one and life for the other, maybe. The rest is left up to the individual reading it to decipher, I guess. It's great to see something new from you. I hope you stick around for a while."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Get out of here" by tmanzano
  • "I've been contemplating commenting on this piece for a while. It's an older one, but I keep coming back to it. It's got that signature touch of yours that makes everything so vivid in my mind's eye. Ever since I first read this, I've seen the speaker as a woman, and that makes it special in a small way. This really is one of your best, Tman. I've finally rated it, too. 10/10"
    Posted by Queazenart on "Crazy Hot" by tmanzano
  • "So, due to the fairly sparse nature of it, I've had to read this poem over a few times and let it digest, and this is what I've determined: The person the speaker is referring to is a person representative of most people. They feel, think, react, and are aware of the many facets of the human condition. The speaker, though, is a detached, cold, distant person that isn't privy to all that. The speaker is either ignorant of or agitated by the other person's attempts to get close to them, even though they should be grateful anyone cares at all. The speaker seems... Dramatic, but in a subdued way. Frankly, they seem like an asshole. I know that you said this piece is about you from when your depression had the better of you, which helps a lot with putting some meat on the poem's bones, so I'm going to presume the speaker is a representation of you at your worst. Maybe I'm presuming wrong, though, and you really were an asshole... But then again, we've all been that same asshole, me as much as you, so who's to judge? XD Anyways, you asked for me to comment, so I guess you got it. Keep writing, brother. I can't wait to see more."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Possess Poets" by tmanzano
  • "It's sort of weird seeing you use rhyme and structure like this, Tman; I've come to expect odd arrangements from you. The power in your syntax and imagery is still here, though, which is what really matters. Awesome piece! It's always a treat reading something you've penned."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Smell of Rain" by tmanzano
  • "Your writing blows me away, man. The imagery is fantastic; it always conjures such vivid depictions. I love it. Keep doing what you're doing."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Conjuring the Overcast" by tmanzano
  • "Holy shiitake mushrooms this is hard-hitting. It's hard for me to state in plain writing what about this piece moves me so much. The imagery, the language, the context... It feels so mature and well articulated. It's brilliant."
    Posted by Queazenart on " An Eternal Gnashing of Teeth " by tmanzano
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