Comments by Queazenart

  • "Your formatting somehow empowers the punch of your words, and your word choice was already strong. Like your tags suggest, this could be read as a piece about unrequited love, though at first I read it as a poem about the passing of a lover- Or the death of the love once felt? It's open ended enough to let the reader decide, I think, and I really like that. Thank you for sharing. "
    Posted by Queazenart on "Since February" by Doom Mantra
  • "Feeling this. Romance is hard and rarely works out in reality like it does in fiction. "Maybe I'm just not built to have a second half"... That resonates with me. As does your excellent closing line. Thank you for posting this."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Empty" by Smiles
  • "I was uncomfortable when I wrote this, in an anxious way. Thanks for reading. Hope you're doing well."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Bile" by Queazenart
  • "What a coincidence. I was thinking about your poetry today and came to the site to read some of your work. What a pleasant surprise it was to see you had a new piece. I don't have much to say on this. It's resonating with me at the moment because of some problematic life circumstances, though this piece takes things to creative extreme I thankfully am not at haha. I hope you're doing well, Tman, and hope to see more from you soon."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Monday" by tmanzano
  • "Hey... This is pretty good. Love the statement "identity is purposelessness". There's a sense of freedom and ease that came come along with ceasing to care. Thanks for sharing."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Drifting " by lavendar_lover
  • "I don't know how I missed this piece. Glad I stopped by your page and saw it. I swear I could read paragraphs of random thoughts from you and still enjoy myself. However, these are not random thoughts, and what is present here is cutting to say the least. Rain and lightning, praying to be struck down... I love it. Hope you're doing well brother and hope to see some more stuff soon."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Forgetting Me " by tmanzano
  • "One might find it lazy or shallow to answer a question with a question, but I think this is an enlightening insight to a particular view of depression. It's open, but does not fit every definition of the disease, making it in some way unique. Depression can manifest in so many different forms, it's best to speak openly about it and squelch any assumptions. It's good to read something from you again, even if it is something sad and short."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Understanding Depression " by tmanzano
  • "Reeling from the gross double meaning of the title. Great imagery and your spacing gives each line a heaping of hesitation. Great work, yet again."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Colder Than You" by tmanzano
  • "Deeply emotional, perfectly portrayed, and heart-wrenchingly tragic. Great flow with only a little jaggedness near the end, increasing its impact. I am enamored with yet another of your pieces."
    Posted by Queazenart on "Just Before I Go" by tmanzano
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